TrueCookPlus® Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TrueCookPlus®?
A: TrueCookPlus is a patented microwave food and microwave oven operating system.

Q: Is there anything special I have to do to my microwave oven before I can use it the first time?
A:Yes. Tell TrueCookPlus your zip code so TrueCookPlus knows your elevation above sea level. Here's how... Press the TrueCookPlus button three times. Key in your five digit zip code. Press the start key.

Q: Why is TrueCookPlus revolutionary?
A: TrueCookPlus does the thinking for you. You can forget about vague microwave directions, adding one more minute, and poking your finger in to see if its hot.

Q: I understand that TrueCookPlus eliminates concerns about e coli and salmonella. Is this true?
A: Yes. TrueCookPlus cooks food to USDA microwave cooking target temperatures, eliminating concerns about e coli and salmonella. Always use a thermometer to confirm that your food has cooked to the temperature indicated on the food package.

Q: What can a microwave with TrueCookPlus do that old-style microwave ovens can't?
A: A microwave with TrueCookPlus cooks food to perfection every time -- no matter the size or power of the oven, the operating conditions such as voltage, elevation, etc.

Q: How easy is TrueCookPlus to use?
A: How's this for simple?... CLICK HERE

Q: Can I use a microwave with TrueCookPlus for traditional microwave cooking tasks as well? Like defrosting and heating beverages, etc?
A:Yes. Consult your oven's manual for instructions on these tasks.

Q: Are there any other special features of my TrueCookPlus microwave oven that I should know how to use?
A: No, that's it -- press the TrueCookPlus button, enter a simple numeric TrueCookPlus code, press Start. TrueCookPlus does the thinking and the cooking for you.

Q: Where can I buy a microwave with TrueCookPlus technology?
A: TrueCookPlus technology is available in microwave ovens from LG and Kenmore are available at stores nationwide. You can view links to online retailers on our Buy Now page.

Q: Can TrueCookPlus be added to my old microwave oven?
A: No.

Q: Does this mean my old microwave is obsolete and that to get TrueCookPlus I need to buy a new microwave?

Q: Does TrueCookPlus manufacture microwave ovens?
A: No. TrueCookPlus is patented software that is licensed to appliance and food manufacturers world wide.

Q: How do I know what packaged foods can be used with my TrueCookPlus microwave oven?
A: TrueCookPlus codes and logos are appearing on food products from manufacturers and brands such as General Mills, Betty Crocker, Warm Delights, Diamond Foods, Pop Secret, Aunt Jemima, Celeste Pizza, Birdseye Voila! and others. Refer to our food codes section to see what else is available.

Q: What if my favorite food products don't yet have TrueCookPlus codes on the package?
A:If your favorite food does not yet have a TrueCookPlus code on the package, it's likely that it's here at CLICK HERE to see Food Codes. If it's not there, just drop us a note, and we will be sure to get a TrueCookPlus code for it as soon as possible.

Q: My family is overseas, and they are very worried about microwave food safety. When will they be able to get TrueCookPlus there?
A: TrueCookPlus is patented in Europe, Asia, Canada and most of the western hemisphere. Once TrueCookPlus roll out is complete in the United States, subsequent rollouts world wide will be as fast as possible in order to meet the exploding world wide call for reliable, consistent and safe microwave cooked food.

Q: What happened to the list feature that used to be on your website?
A: The list feature was removed so that customers would not risk using an old code on a product that has been changed. When this occurs codes may need to be modified to reflect the changes in the product. The last thing we want is for you to use an outdated code on a printed list.

Q: Is a list feature coming?
A: A shopping list feature will soon be available so that you can create a list of your favorite products or recipes to print and shop for the products or recipe ingredients.

Q: Will there be a TrueCookPlus app?
A: Yes, there will be an app. In the meantime you can use the internet browser on your smartphone to easily and quickly access our codes and recipes on the go.