About Us

Microwave Science JV, LLC, was born from a problem that needed a solution.

The problem, the lack of ability to harness and accurately control microwaves.

We are all familiar with frozen centers, burned edges and undercooked or overcooked microwave meals that transform meat, chicken and fish into unidentifiable forms of protein. Microwaving has lacked quality until now.

TrueCookPlus is the only microwave technology that can heat/cook products to the manufacturers standards and to USDA/FSIS safe food temperatures consistently. Automatically adjusting power levels and cook times TrueCookPlus enables microwave ovens to work in synergy with food to create the perfect harmony. It’s so easy to use, the learning curve of this highly integrated technology is on average, 30 seconds.

In 2016 TrueCookPlus is shifting its focus to fresh foods and meals that can be prepared in your microwave oven at home.  We are currently offering more than 60 fresh food recipes that can be prepared by you in your own kitchen. By following our easy to use recipes you can have a hot, home cooked meal in less than half the time it would take in a conventional oven.

TrueCookPlus is like having your personal chef inside your microwave

We currently have 31 registered patents and trademarks worldwide and an additional 22 patents and trademarks pending. Microwave Science JV, LLC microwave technology patents enable us and only us to accomplish precision control microwave heating.

With the help of LG Electronics, Microwave Science JV, LLC has successfully introduced our innovative TrueCookPlus® technology, to the microwave oven.

Fast, nutritious, delicious home cooked meals from LG and TrueCookPlus.