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Newest TrueCookPlus Codes

Item Name
70077 00116
Pepper Beef (14.2oz)
70077 00850
Chicken Egg Rolls (3) (9oz)
20000 00090
Baby Sweet Peas and Butter Sauce (10oz)
23700 03907
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich (4.5oz)
1 Swt Potato
Sweet Potato (One) (8oz)
2 Swt Potato
Sweet Potato (Two) (16oz)
14500 01312
Lightly Seasoned Chicken Flavored Rice (10oz)
40423 10008
Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Quinoa and Mixed Fruits (10oz)

NEW Fresh Vegetable Code Section

The TrueCookPlus team is excited to announce our new Fresh Vegetables section! So many of you have asked for easy codes for everyday fresh items and we are very happy to deliver them to you. Each vegetable has multiple serving sizes available to accommodate anywhere from an individual to a family of four. But that’s not all; coming soon will be more fresh food recipes for our Recipes section. TrueCookPlus supports healthy eating and is committed to bringing easy to prepare, healthy, delicious and safe food to you. Please let us know what fresh vegetables you would like to see added to this new section by reaching out to us via the feedback section or by visiting our Facebook page.

Click Here to go to the new section.


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