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The TrueCookPlus team is excited to announce our new website. This new site makes mobile access a breeze and puts TrueCookPlus at your fingertips using your mobile browser. There are now more perks to registering including code request priority, printable recipes, and the highly requested return of customizable and printable product code lists. Lots of new recipes are on the way. Filling out the registration also gives us insight into your preferences allowing us to create and release recipes and product codes that you want. Reach out to us via the feedback section below or check us out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Did You Know?
Google NowYou can use Google Voice on your mobile device to pull up the exact TrueCookPlus product or recipe you want to use. It's easy! Using a compatible Android phone click the microphone button or say "Ok Google" and say "TrueCookPlus [recipe name] recipe" or "TrueCookPlus [brand & product name]"

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